Questions About Payment?

Our team based in Presque Isle, ME will gladly answer your questions

Arranging for personal care services is often part of a difficult, complex time in your life. Professional Home Care Specialists, LLC can help you keep payment from adding to your stress.

If you live in the state of Maine, ask your insurance company if they cover homecare services:

  • Are personal care services covered?
  • How long will the company cover personal care services?
  • Are there any restrictions on coverage in place?
  • Is prior approval required?

If you need information from us, you can call 207-762-5486 to talk to our team. Reach out to us today with any questions.

Programs like Medicaid and Medicare may help pay for limited services. To find out if you're eligible, you can contact Maximus Ascend at 1-833-525-5784. Remember to tell them you'd like our team to provide your services. A nurse assessor will let you know what you're eligible for.

You can also cover our services with private payment. You can call or email us for a free in-home assessment. We'll be happy to work with your family and budget, offering discounts on a case by case basis.

Additionally, we can work with veterans as an accredited home care agency. Call 1-877-421-8263 now to reach Veterans Affairs in Maine.